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Interactive Waterproofing Solutions Video

These Interactive Waterproofing Solutions Video solution is the combination of a number of related videos.

The first video explains about waterproofing and why it so important.

Next screen show 3 different videos as this is an interactive video you can choose where you go next

1. Sealing a Leaking Water Tank

Shown by a picture

The next 2 are shown to you by means of some keywords

2. Water Well Needing Repair

Water Well needing Drizoro repair in this Interactive Waterproofing Solutions  Video

3. How to Waterproof a Concrete Slab

4. Drizoro Maxplug – Stops Flowing Water Instantly

5. Drizoro Maxrest – for concrete restoration of cracked and spalling concrete

6. Drizoro Maxseal Flex – Drinking Water Safe Cementitious Waterproof Membrane