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Trafficable Membranes

What are the best Trafficable Membranes available today? 

We need to first define what a trafficable is. Trafficable means “it can be travelled upon”. Membranes bearing traffic must withstand the movement of people on a regular basis.
Examples of this would be on a rooftop slab, podium slabs where people are moving around consistently enjoying the facilities of the building. 
The best trafficable coatings will be able to handle the movement of regular traffic, vehicular on a bridge, wharf, car parks, commercial warehouses or other roadways.
The membrane should be waterproof and ideally withstand hydrostatic pressure. Be UV and slip-resistant.  The trafficable coating system is specifically designed. They waterproof concrete slabs and protect working areas underneath from water damage.

Where the membrane can’t withstand hydrostatic pressure, a puncture in the membrane could be the beginning of the end for the membrane.
Water would enter the puncture and cause the delamination of the rest of the membrane.

Watch the interactive video above. Hover over the red dots you can follow the link there.

1. Cementitious Trafficable Membranes

Cementitious membranes have similar properties to concrete slabs. They are easy to use. NO PRIMER required. Damp the concrete surface. Apply. The water acts as a carrier of the cementitious coating. This means the coating follows the dampness into the concrete slab. The cement nature the coating means that it will then lock into the concrete slab.

Maxseal Traffic has been designed by Drizoro Construction Products, especially for this purpose.  You can watch the Maxseal Traffic YouTube video here>>>  

2. Trafficable Acrylic Membranes

Acrylics are used in many situations. They are not usually suitable if hydrostatic pressure is expected.

3. Polyurethanes

Polyurethane waterproofing membranes used indoor and outdoor alike.  Used terraces, roofs, wet areas and retaining walls. Used extensively as trafficable surface
May require a primer coat and a top coat to protect against UV rays.


Trafficable membranes Drizoro Maxseal Traffic

Trafficable membranes Drizoro Maxseal Traffic


Drizoro Maxseal Traffic

  1. trafficable deck membrane.
  2. trafficable membrane waterproofing
    used for basement floors, driveways, parking garages, roofs and more
  3. seals water from both sides
  4. Ideal for commercial traffic and heavy loads