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Reducing the overall costs of lifetime maintenance…

Reducing the overall costs of lifetime maintenance…

Best Waterproofing & Remedial Building Materials to make your building last longer with less maintenance

The WaterProofing Shop provides best waterproofing & remedial Building materials to make your building last longer with less maintenance. Reducing the overall costs of lifetime maintenance…

Why Use Drizoro Products

Drizoro products have been selected as they are beneficial to reducing the ongoing maintenance during the service life of your structure. The diagram below shows how simple it is to waterproof and protect your structure.

Simplicity of Drizoro in the Building Industry

All that is required is a clean efflorescence free masonry surface.
This means that it easy to to use just mix and apply.
Primers are not required.
Just wet the clean surface so NO waiting for concrete to cure or surfaces to dry.  

WaterProofing Solutions


How to Prevent Rising Damp

Building Maintenance Solutions

How to use WaterproofingShop’s building maintenance products.

building maintenance solutions to reducing the overall costs of lifetime maintenance

Concrete Repairs Drizoro Maxrite

drizoro maxrest concrete spalling repairs, quick setting, non-shrink, non-slump mortar, used restoring concrete and masonry to its original form. Used for repairing areas affected by concrete cancer and spalling

Spalling Concrete Repairs – Drizoro Maxrest Finding the real cause of a concrete problem rather than merely dealing with its symptoms is the key to success for a durable repair and refurbishment project. Aspirin quick-fix approach in handling concrete defects may only provide a temporary cosmetic solution. The aim of this article is to create an awareness among the civil contractors and engineers that to solve the concrete defects effectively. They need to drill down through the symptoms to establish the actual root cause. Reexamining, re-designing, re-assessing, re-selecting, re-applying and lots of ‘re-s’, can easily be avoided by examining and fixing the root cause of the concrete defect to ensure the same problems are not recurring.


The Maxseal Family

Cementitious Waterproof Membranes for use on both sides of your concrete or masonry wall. Stopping water penetration into the building structure.

Drizoro Maxseal Flex– 2 component waterproofing -White/Grey
Drizoro Maxseal Flex – M just add water
Drizoro Maxseal Foundation– Grey
Drizoro Maxseal Foundation Super White / Grey
Drizoro Maxseal SUPER

These next group of Drizoro product all help make up the Drizoro waterproofing system complete. Products to stop leaks, fill moving cracks or expansion joints. Mesh to reinforce the membrane over cracks.

Drizoro Maxmesh – fibreglass reinforcing mesh
Drizoro Maxjoint Elastic Expansion Joint
Drizoro Maxplug– Stops water instantly

Concrete Repairs

Repair of cracked and spalling concrete, products include steel corrosion inhibitor which is applied directly to the steel reinforcement, no need for form work the Drizoro concrete repair mortars.  

Drizoro Maxrest– for the restoration of broken or spalling concrete
Drizoro Maxrite 700– fibred + corrosion inhibitor 
Drizoro Maxrest Passive -steel corrosion inhibitor

Tools designed

Drizoro Tools – Brush, Mixers, Caulking gun

Drizoro Speciality Mortars

Whether you’re fixing a pavement, setting a gatic cover, balustrades, or just fixing anchor  bolts this group of products will get the job done

Drizoro Maxgrip – anchoring
Drizoro Maxgrout – equipment fixing, anchors 
Drizoro Maxroad – road, pavement repairs 
Drizoro Maxquick Roll – decorative, waterproof 
Drizoro Watmat – fix gatic covers self-levelling
Drizoro Maxpatch – non-slip industrial floors 
Drizoro Maxdinamit – non-explosive demolition 

Tiling Products

Drizoro tiling products like the rest of the range are excellent and easy to use.

Drizoro Maxkola M – tile adhesive 
Drizoro Maxkola Flex – tile adhesive
Drizoro Maxjoint Flex – waterproof mortar

Protective Board

There are 2 types of protective board.

  1. The non-adhesive type just place the protective board over a work area to protect finished flooring or walls. 
  2. Adhesive type to adhere to your finished waterproofing

Protective Covering

Efflorescence Rid designed to remove efflorescence from concrete and masonry

Clear Masonry Sealers

Ultra Masonry Block Sealer
Sealtight Clear

Easy BondBonding Bridge for Permanent Formwork 

Ideal for Dincel, Rediform, Zego and other PVC Construction Products.

Oil Spill Absorbent

Reusable recyclable absorbent, soak up oil and then recover the oil and reuse the oil and the Oilzorb. No need to find a safe site to comply with regulations.


Reducing the overall costs of lifetime maintenance:

The combination of the correct waterproofing design and correct selection of the waterproofing products is crucial.  This goes along way to reducing the overall costs of lifetime maintenance.  

Remember your initial cost is protective of the lifetime cost or maintenance and repair.