Why Drizoro Maxrite 700 for your Concrete Repair?

Why Drizoro Maxrite  for your Concrete Repair

Why Drizoro Maxrite is right for your concrete repair

maxrite700 after-Drizoro Maxrite 700 - repair damaged concrete

  1. Contains Corrosion inhibitors which prevent corrosion against chlorides and aggressive corroding agents, extending considerably the service life of the structure.
  2. Maxrite 700 open setting time (pot life) allows the quick completion of the repair of large surfaces.
  3. Good chemical resistance in aggressive environmental ambient due to its microsilica content.
  4. Waterproof.
  5. Withstands freeze/thaw cycles.
  6. Offers high resistance to carbonation penetration.
  7. High adhesion to concrete and reinforcements.
  8. Does not require special primers.
  9. The transmitted Loads onto the repaired structure.
  10. High impact and mechanical strength.
  11. Long lasting repairs.
  12. Good thixotropy.
  13. Application in successive layers without slump or the need to use formworkDrizoro Maxrite 700 repair mortar consistency means you can apply layers between 5 and 50 mm. thick.
  14. Allows high thickness per layer.
  15. Easy workability and application. Repair damaged concrete can be completed by spray with the use of the wet-method.
  16. Single component mortar. Only requires water for mixing and it is odourless,
  17. Suitable for poorly ventilated areas such as tanks.