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Why Purchase from Waterproofing Shop

The sales team has more than 50 years of waterproofing and remedial building repair and more than 15 years working on the coal face.
We are here to help.

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Drizoro Maxplug

Stops running water or leaks instantly and is waterproof.
Sets under under water.
Suitable for use where
drinking water is stored.

Maxseal Flex 

Fully flexible waterproofing membrane ensuring complete waterproofing in the most severe conditions, Seals high negative or positive water pressure.
Covers shrinkage & hairline cracks

Drizoro Maxroad -concrete pavement restoration

Drizoro Maxrest

forms part of the substrate and repairs are structurally sound, with properties comparable or higher than concrete.
DOES NOT slump or need form work.

Maxjoint Elastic

an elastomeric product with high bond strength, suitable for sealing joints and cracks in concrete, precast elements, mortars and bricks.
Expansion Joints

Drizoro Maxseal Traffic

Drizoro Maxseal Traffic

Apply by brush, roller or spray.
All IN ONE Waterproof & Trafficable
Roof Membranes or pathways
Concrete floors exposed industrial traffic

Easy Bond for permanent formwork

Easy Bond

Key coat bonding bridge for Permanent Formwork eg.
Non-porous surfaces such as metal, shipping containers
Other PVC based walling system.
Excellent base for applications:-
renders, paints, tiles and stonework

Drizoro Maxrest -concrete restoration #repairconcretecancer

Drizoro Maxroad

  1. Fast-setting: rapid return to service of the repaired area after 2 hours.
  2.  High mechanical resistance
  3.  Excellent impact resistance,
  4.  Fibre-reinforced.

SealTight Clear

Clear Masonry concrete sealer,
Penetrates, a chemical reaction binds all component parts of the masonry into a more dense mass making the surface waterproof, resistant to acid, oil and grease.

Why Purchase from Waterproofing Shop, Drizoro Maxrite repair
Why Purchase from Waterproofing Shop remedial repair
Why Purchase from Waterproofing Shop for sealing leaking slabs
Drizoro Maxseal Flex flexible Membrane
Why Purchase from Waterproofing Shop seal rising damp

Why Purchase from Waterproofing Shop