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7 Benefits of Firestone Pondgard EPDM Liner 1.02mm

7 Benefits of Firestone Pondgard EPDM Liner 1.02mm

Check out the 7 Benefits of Firestone Pondgard EPDM Liner 1.02mm available to you for your pond, pool or creek.  Safe for fish and plants. The success of Firestone GeoGard™ EPDM membranes can be attributed to their unique combination of benefits: Lap kits and easy fix liner patches are available. If you are building a creek into a pond or lake there is generally no need to join the liners, as long as the overlap is above water level there is no capillary action or possibility for water loss due to backflow/overflow.

  1. Safe for fish and plants
  2. Superior elongation and lay-flat characteristics.
  3. Exceptional resistance to solar UV, ozone and oxidation
  4. Ease of installation with no special tools required
  5. 1.02mm thickness. The Firestone EPDM membrane comes in large seamless sheets 15 metres wide and 30.5 metres long. Less seams required, lowers installation times and time required for the right weather conditions.
  6. 20-year guarantee. Low maintenance and expected to survive normal environmental condition for 30 years and more.
  7. Environmentally friendly. Firestone manufacturing plant has achieved ISO 14001 certification. EPDM membrane is an essentially inert .

1.02 mm Firestone EPDM pond liner is the material of choice for various lining applications:

  • Fish Ponds,
  • Swim ponds,7 Benefits of Firestone Pondgard EPDM Liner 1.02mm, EPDM pond liner potable water and fish safe - long life
  • Artificial lakes & Dams,
  • Water Features,
  • Decorative Ponds,
  • Pondless Water Features,
  • Water Courses,
  • Waterfalls,
  • Organic Pools,
  • Leisure Park water features,
  • reflection ponds,
  • Fountains,
  • Natural Swimming Pools and even Bog Gardens.

PondGard Firestone EPDM pond liner is able to be guaranteed to be compatible. With, and not harm aquatic life in accordance with testing reports published by the Water Research Centre in the UK. This is possible because Firestone PondGard has a specialized formulation and production process

Rubber: 7 Benefits of Firestone Pondgard EPDM Liner 1.02mm thick comes in 3 sizes 

  1. full   30.50 Metre rolls
  2. half 15.25 Metre rolls or
  3. cut into required lineal metres lengths

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