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7 Benefits of using Drizoro Maxrest 

7 Benefits of using Drizoro Maxrest 

The 7 Benefits of using Drizoro Maxrest are listed below

  1. Its quick-setting time, from 15 to 20 minutes, allows for an fast repair process.
  2. It forms part of the substrate and repairs are structurally sound, with properties comparable or higher than concrete.
  3. DOES NOT slump or needs form work.
  4. It does not shrink or cracks when setting.
  5. Odour-free and non-toxic, making it the ideal material to use in badly ventilated places, such as water tanks, shafts, sewers, etc.
  6. Does not contain any chloride.
  7. Only needs the addition of clean water for mixing.

Maxrest restores concrete columns

7 Benefits of using Drizoro Maxrest 

3 Stages of Concrete Repairs Using Drizoro Maxrest

Drizoro Maxrest Concrete Cancer Repairs – Applications

  • For general repair and restoration work on concrete spalling repairs, structural concrete.
  • Repairs honeycombs, cracks and fissures.
  • Patching and protective covering of reinforcing rods affected by corrosion.
  • To repair lintels, ran, water tanks and to restore architectural concrete permanently exposed to climatic conditions.
  • Sealing of construction joints prior to waterproofing works in tanks, swimming pools, basements, etc.
  • For restoration of lines and shapes of damaged prefabricated concrete elements.

5 Benefits Maxrest Passive

  1. Excellent adhesion on metal substrate for rebar corrosion protection.
  2. It even adheres to steel which has been sandblasted to white metal. Or over only partially rusted surfaces.
  3. Water-based liquid, solvent-free and non-flammable.
  4. One-component product, easy and ready to use.
  5. Quick drying, allows a fast repair job.
Maxrest Passive Corrosion Protection of all steel

Maxrest Passive Corrosion Protection Reo. Contains Oxide Converter And Anti- Corrosion Protection Reo /Reinforcing Bars And Other Iron Or Steel Surfaces


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Drizoro Maxrest Passive Corrosion Protection

Applications for Drizoro Maxrest®Passive

  • Oxide converter and corrosion protection reo / re-enforcing bars in structural concrete repair exposed to aggressive conditions such as in coastal areas, industrial environments, etc.
  • Anti-corrosion protection against the attack from strong chemical agents such as diluted alkali and acid solutions.
  • Adhesion promoter on metal surfaces for subsequent coating systems.