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7 Benefits of Drizoro Maxseal Foundation

7 Benefits of Drizoro Maxseal Foundation

7 Benefits of Drizoro Maxseal Foundation

Drizoro Maxseal Foundation

Here are the 7 Benefits of Drizoro Maxseal Foundation

  1. Good adhesion, it becomes part of the substrate, fills and seals all pores, missing mortar lines etc.
  2. Must be applied to wet surfaces
  3. Can be sprayed by airless sprayer (3 to 5 mm tip)
  4. Can be rendered or painted over.
  5. NOT affected by salts and acids in soil.
  6. Easy to apply with Drizoro brush.
  7. Will seal against positive and negative water pressure.
    Before-after_benefits of drizoro-maxseal-foundation-on-internal-block-wall-final-finish

    Maxseal Foundation Waterproof Coating for Internal Garage Wall

Maxseal Foundation is Used for:

Waterproofing of retaining walls, car parks, basements, elevator pits, below-grade ingress of water in foundations.

The Foundation membrane can also be used as a waterproofing layer or barrier against humidity by capillarity on a variety of mortar substrates.

Particularly great where aggressive environments and hydrostatic pressure are present.

NOTE: The video below shows the application of Drizoro Maxseal Super however Drizoro Maxseal Foundation has an identical application process.