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11 Benefits SealTight Penetrating Clear Concrete Sealer

11 Benefits SealTight Penetrating Clear Concrete Sealer

 11 Benefits SealTight Penetrating Clear Concrete Sealer

  1. Protects weak and old substrates.
  2. Prevents blistering and deterioration of paints does not contain oils or solvents.
  3. Does not require special protection. Safe for the user and environment.
  4. Non-corrosive, non-toxic and non-flammable.
  5. NOT classified as a hazardous material.
  6. Environmentally friendly.
  7. NO  bonding problems for paint, glue, render, ie. can paint over.
  8. NOT harmful to aluminium, glass, tiles etc.
  9. Permanent waterproofing, preservation and protection.
  10. Resistant to acid, oil, fuels, fats and grease
  11. increases wear capability.

The benefits SealTight Penetrating Clear Concrete Sealer are seen above. The Seal-Tight is applied to the masonry, concrete sealer, plaster and render will penetrate and by a progressive chemical reaction, which is started at the surface. It binds all component parts of the masonry into a more dense or solid mass. All free lime and alkali are neutralized as this reaction takes place. As the masonry increases in density, it becomes waterproofed, resistant to acid, oil and grease.


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Unfortunately one of the disadvantages of this Penetrating Clear concrete sealers is that like many others, they don’t completely waterproof any substrate which has existing cracking. The may still reduce the amount of water which penetrates the crack.

This works because the

  1. Water runoff is much improved and
  2. Surrounding areas don’t retain moisture.