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Concrete Repair Mortars

Concrete Repair Mortars

Concrete Repair Mortars

Concrete structures deteriorate for many reasons. For example; structural damage, water infiltration, corrosion salt and much more.  Research practical experience has enabled Drizoro to develop a comprehensive mortar solution. Drizoro mortars are used to repair, restore and rehabilitate concrete structures.

Cementitious repair mortars should be:

  • Easy to use
  • Cost effective and increase longevity
  • Form-work free
  • Bond to strongly to degrade the substrate
  • Smooth finishing

Cementitious Repair Applications

The most common application for repair mortars is the repair of spalling caused by reinforcement corrosion in concrete structures with chloride ingress. This is a major industry with large repair contracts in progress worldwide. Proprietary products containing cement, cement replacements, and plasticisers, and shrinkage compensating admixtures are supplied preblended.

Some Drizoro Quick Setting Cements

Maxplug | Maxrest | Maxrite | Maxgrout | Watmat |  Maxpatch | Maxroad


Drizoro Maxrite repair by spray method

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