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14 Benefits of Drizoro Maxseal Flex

14 Benefits of Drizoro Maxseal Flex

14 Benefits of Drizoro Maxseal Flex

1. Fully flexible waterproofing membrane ensuring complete waterproofing in the most severe conditions,

2. Even seals high negative or positive water pressure.

3. Covers shrinkage & hairline cracks in concrete.

4. Acts as an anti-fracture membrane between substrate & other finishing coats.

5. Excellent protection for concrete, being both a CO2 & chlorine (Cl-) barrier. Thereby preventing carbonation & electrochemical corrosion.

6. Permeable to water vapour, allows the substrate to breathe.

7. Resistant to abrasion and is UV stable. 8. Withstands atmospheric pollution, corrosive effects of salt water & freeze/thaw cycles.

9. Resists hydrostatic negative & positive pressure from groundwater when used for interior underground applications.

10. Excellent adhesion and easy to use. No requirement bonding agents/primers & MUST be applied on wet surfaces.

11. Non-toxic & chloride free. Suitable for contact with potable water.

12. Longer lasting reducing your maintenance expenditure over the live of the building

13. Environmentally friendly.

14. Withstands root penetration, when properly reinforced with fiberglass mesh.

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