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5 Common Commercial Property Maintenance Issues to look out for

Commercial property facilities maintenance shouldn’t be about responding to large scale dilemmas or emergencies. The good commercial property facilities managers will be proactive in looking for any potential problems and respond suitably to avoid getting bigger more expensive issues!

The best time to fix these issues is as, with most things in life, it is better to get to it early. The best time is in the design phase of construction. Once constructed and it comes to a property maintenance issue they can become logistical nightmares.

Here are 5 common commercial property maintenance issues, apparently small problems to look out for before they develop into big, scary expensive problems:

Find the 5 Common Commercial Property Maintenance Issues and how to look for them below

1. Leaks

5 common commercial property maintenance issues

Sealing Leaks in Basement Slab Roof using Maxrite 700 and Maxseal Flex

Leaks can appear from time to time without any apparent reason. A leak can quickly cause severe water damage to both a building structure and everything inside it. That’s why stopping a leak as soon as it is detected is essential. The quicker the leak is rectified the less likely further damage will be caused by water, efflorescence mould or mildew will happen.

Don’t wait for a leak to appear! Regular inspection schedules are an essential part of a long term property management strategy. These property maintenance inspections should include looking at the buildings tiled areas, roofs, gutters and drains(make sure they are not blocked). Check visible plumbing inside and out of the building. Make sure the internal ceilings, stairs, show no signs of mildew mould or rot. All are signs of the presence of moisture.  Creating possible havoc.  If it looks like something is not right it might be time to call someone to further diagnose the issue.
Solving leaks immediately will prevent further damage and improves the longevity of the building. Reducing ongoing property maintenance costs in the building.

2: Foundation failure

Without a solid foundation, the structural integrity of your building is at risk. We definitely hope you don’t have a problem like this. There are a couple of things to be aware of which may indicate issues with your foundations:

  1. Cracks – can appear anywhere – exterior or interior walls, around doors & windows, between the fascia and roof. Also, see below
  2. Warped or floors twisted out of shape- evidenced by the presence of cracked floor tiles, and other finishes delaminating, buckled flooring can all Indicate there is a problem in the foundation.
  3. Hard to open or close doors and windows – doors that once closed easily now appear to be not-fitting or sliding windows sticking, a crack around the frames indicate the building has now moved.
  4. Soil Heave where the slab is disturbed by ground swelling under the slab

Better to be safe than sorry with your building foundation, A minor problems can quickly become major ones by overlooking something obvious right in front of you. If in doubt call an expert.

3. Cracks in Concrete

cracked concrete cracks, Cracks in Concrete

Cracks in Concrete need to be sealed as soon as possible to prevent damage

Concrete crack repair for walls, suspended slabs, floors masonry. Unsightly cracks not only detract from the look of your building, garage or patio. The cracks, if not repaired, will cause further degradation as moisture seeps into the concrete cracks. Cracks can be from the normal shrinkage of a new slab, incorrect placement of reinforcement or some other incorrect design factor. Cracks in concrete are sometimes a source of leaks

While cracks in concrete can turn out to be minor, others maybe much more serious. Repairing cracks is essential to the longevity of the building structure.

4. Concrete Cancer

Concrete Cancer

Drizoro Maxrest is ideal for repairing Concrete Cancer

While concrete cancer sounds dreadful, it can be fixed relatively easily in some cases. Allowing concrete spalling to become severe increase the amount of the damage and the expense of the repair,

Concrete is a porous material and as such, it absorbs the moisture and chemicals in it to cause spalling concrete or concrete cancer.

Signs which reveal of concrete cancer include but are not limited to:

  1. Cracking or crumbling as above
    Drizoro Maxrest Passive application as part of Duplex Corrosion Coating Systems, 5 benefits of Drizoro Maxrest Passive

    Drizoro Maxrest Passive protects steel reinforcement to prevent Concrete Cancer reoccurring

  2. Presence of Rust stains
  3. Outwardly lifting concrete
  4. Lifting concrete render
  5. Any leaks in roofs or internal walls
    More indicators of concrete cancer here>>>

The common causes of concrete cancer are incorrect waterproofing design, penetration of waterproofing after installation or other construction defects. Aggressive environments, saltwater (ocean), poor quality concrete and all above 1-4.

So the sooner the issue is picked up the simpler the solution when it comes to rectifying the issue. The use of Drizoro Construction Mortars and waterproofing membranes are most helpful

3. Efflorescence

Severe efflorescence in masonry may even put the soundness and structural integrity at risk. Efflorescence is the crusty mineral salts which often appears on damp concrete, render, brick or mortar surfaces.  These deposits leach out from the substrate as moisture moves through it.


Efflorescence formed on Masonry Surface in slab, brick, block

Efflorescence will only stop forming if the moisture source is removed. Reducing the amount of moisture or stopping the flow all together will slow the efflorescence formation. Unless the source of the moisture is determined and blocked, the white stalagmite or stalactite crystalline deposits will continue to grow. This chemical erosion of the concrete over time will damage any coatings on the surface and the concrete itself…

Even small amounts of efflorescence must be removed before any coating or repair can be made. To Remove Efflorescence. To stop it the source the moisture to eliminate it.
Efflorescence Rid – Removes Efflorescence from concrete


So now you know what 5 Common Commercial Property Maintenance Issues you should have designed into your maintenance program around your building. You will need to be able to identify these 5 Common Commercial Property Maintenance Issues which are leaks, a foundation failure, cracks in concrete which will definitely lead to concrete cancer and efflorescence.